Jules uses her many voices in cartoons, video games, commercials and corporate jobs. Whether being a 10 year old boy mushroom, a Storm Trooper or a professional medical advisor, Jules brings the same energy and dedication to every character she plays. Below are some of the animation and video games she has voiced. 


2021Superhero Kindergarten (TV Series)

Pedro/Guillermo/Joan of Dark

2021Mush Mush and the Mushables (TV Series)

Mush Mush, Chanterelle

2020-2021Tales and Tea with Nanny Bea (Storytelling Podcast)

Nanny Bea / Her Neighbour Jules / Various Characters

2020Chicken Police (Video Game)

Natasha Catzenko

2020Desperados III (Video Game)

2009-2020Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends (TV Series) 

Emily (US) / The Children (US) / Mavis (US) Show all 101 episodes

2016-2020Floogals (TV Series) 

Flo Floogal Show all 94 episodes

2011-2020The Best of Thomas & Friends Clips (US) (TV Series) 

Emily / The Children / The Duchess of Boxford  Show all 121 episodes

2019Layers of Fear 2 (Video Game) 

Adult Lily

2019Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love (Video Game) 


2019Thomas & Friends: Meet the Steam Team (TV Mini-Series) 

Emily (US) Show all 6 episodes

2018Lilybuds (TV Series) 


2018Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country (Video Game) 


2018Johnny English Strikes Again 


 2018State of Mind (Video Game) 


 2018Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie 

Emily (US)

2018 Furiki Wheels (TV Series)

Mama / Brigette

2017Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Video Game) 

Brighid / Finch / Boreas (English version)

2017Thomas & Friends: Thomas’ Holiday Collection (Video) 

The Children (US)

 2017Star Wars: Battlefront II (Video Game) 

 2017Thomas & Friends: Christmas on Sodor (Video) 

Emily (US) / The Duchess of Boxford (US)

2017Total War: Warhammer II (Video Game) 

2017Thomas & Friends: Journey Beyond Sodor 

Emily (US)

 2017Matterfall (Video Game) 

 2017My Knight and Me (TV Series) 

Jimmy / Dark Forest Witch Show all 21 episodes

 2014-2017Boyster (TV Series) 

Boyster’s Mom / Alicia’s Mom Show all 13 episodes

 2017Mass Effect: Andromeda (Video Game) 

Cora Harper

2017Horizon Zero Dawn (Video Game) 

Beladga / Ullia

2017Thomas & Friends: Extraordinary Engines (Video) 

Emily (US) / Caitlin (UK & US) / Lady Hatt (US)

2016Star Ocean: Anamnesis (Video Game) 

Nel / Lymle / Milla

 2016Trials of the Blood Dragon (Video Game) 

The Seer / Pink Sinja

2016Steep (Video Game) 


2016Batman: Arkham VR (Video Game) 

Vicki Vale / Batcomputer / Police Dispatcher (voice)

2016Thomas & Friends: DC Super Friends San Diego Comic Con Ft. Thomas as Superman & Diesel as Batman (Short) 


2016Thomas and Friends: The Great Race 

Emily (UK & US)

2016Thomas & Friends: Bubbling Boilers (Short) 

Emily (UK & US)

2016Quantum Break (Video Game) 

Clarice Ogawa / Various Characters

2016Thomas & Friends: Start Your Engines! (Video) 

Emily (US) / The Duchess of Boxford (US)

2015Thomas & Friends: Talk to You (Video Game) 

Emily (US)

2015Thomas & Friends: Tales on the Rails (Video) 

Emily (US)

2015Star Wars: Battlefront (Video Game) (voice, as Jules De Jongh)

2015Anno 2205 (Video Game) 

May Tian (English version)

2015Thomas & Friends: Thomas’ Christmas Carol (Video) 

Emily (US)

2015Lego Dimensions (Video Game) 

Natalia Kowalski

2015Blues and Bullets (Video Game) 

Delphine Dockers / Jail Boy

2015Thomas & Friends: Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure 

Emily (US)

2015Batman: Arkham Knight (Video Game) 

Christina Bell (voice)

2015Thomas & Friends: Wild Water Rescue and Other Engine Adventures (Video) 

Emily (US) / Mavis (US) / The Duchess of Boxford (US) (voice)

2015Thomas & Friends: Whale of a Tale and Other Sodor Adventures (Video) 

Emily (US) (voice)

2014-2015Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter (TV Series) 

Harpy Show all 8 episodes

2015Thomas & Friends: Dinos and Discoveries (Video) 

Emily (US) (voice)

2014Lego Ninjago: Nindroids (Video Game) (voice)

2014The Crew (Video Game) (voice)

2013-2014Invizimals (TV Series) 

Hiro Show all 13 episodes

2008-2014Wakfu (TV Series) 

Yugo / Evangelyne / Elely Show all 57 episodes

2014Escape Dead Island (Video Game) 

Linda Waterson / Xian Mel (voice)

2014Thomas & Friends: The Christmas Engines (Video) 

Emily (US) / The Little Boy (US) (voice)

2014Thomas & Friends: Tale of the Brave (Video) 

Emily (US) (voice)

2014Sacred 3 (Video Game) 

Elf (voice, as Jules de Jong)

2014Thomas & Friends: Trouble on the Tracks (Video) 

Emily (US) (voice)

2014Thomas & Friends: Spills and Thrills (Video) 

Emily (US) (voice)

2013Killzone: Shadow Fall (Video Game) 

Vektan Newsreader / Civilian (voice)

2013Need for Speed: Rivals (Video Game) 

Tutorials / SATNAV

2013Thomas & Friends: Santa’s Little Engine (Video) 

Emily (US)

2013Thomas & Friends: Animals Aboard! (Video) 

Emily (US)

2013Puppeteer (Video Game) 

General Horse

2013Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway (Video) 

Emily (US) (voice)

2013Angelina Ballerina: Mousical Medleys (Video) 

Marco Quesillo / Viki

2013Dark (Video Game)

2013Jack Keane 2: The Fire Within (Video Game) 

2013 LuLu Zipadoo

Yay Nay / Fru Fru

2013Remember Me (Video Game) 

Madame / Astrid Voorhees

2013Thomas & Friends: Railway Mischief (Video) 

Emily (US) / Some Children (US)

2013Angelina Ballerina: Mouseling Mysteries (Video) 

Marco Quesillo / Viki

2013Lego City Undercover (Video Game) 

Natalia Kowalski

2013Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas! (Video) 

The Duchess of Boxford (US) / Schoolboy (US)

2013Angelina Ballerina: Dance Around the World 

Marco / Viki

2013Thomas & Friends: Muddy Matters 

Emily (US) / Mavis (US) / The Duchess of Boxford (US)

2012-2013 Sandra the Fairytale Detective


2012Scary Larry (TV Series) Show all 32 episodes

2012Thomas & Friends: Sticky Situations 

Rosie (US) / Mavis (US) / Schoolchildren (US)

2012Angelina Ballerina: Superstar Sisters (Video) 

Marco Quesillo / Viki

2012Thomas & Friends: A Very Thomas Christmas 

Emily (US)

2012LittleBigPlanet PS Vita (Video Game) 

Wonder Woman

2012Thomas & Friends: Blue Mountain Mystery 

Emily (US) / Mavis (US)

2012Angelina Ballerina: Dreams Do Come True 

Marco Quesillo / Viki

2012Thomas and Friends: Schoolhouse Delivery (Video) 

Rosie / Alicia Botti / Schoolchildren (voice)

2012Angelina Ballerina: Musical Moves (Video) 

Marco Quesillo / Viki

2012Chases and Fun Awesome Adventures Vol. Two: Races 

Alicia Bott / Rosie / Emily

2012Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Video Game) 

Narrator (voice)

2012Thomas & Friends: Up, Up and Away! (Video) 

Emily (US) / Lady Hatt (US)

2012Angelina Ballerina: Sweet Valentine 

Vici / Marco 

2012Thomas and Friends: Curious Cargo 

Emily (US)

2011Fleabag Monkeyface (TV Series) 

Gene Show all 26 episodes

2011Thomas & Friends: Rescue on the Rails (Video) 

Emily (US) / Mavis (US) / Lady Hatt (US)

2011Anno 2070 (Video Game) 


2011Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (Video Game) 

Additional Voices

2011Kinect Disneyland Adventures (Video Game) (voice)

2011Lucky Fred (TV Series) 


2011Angelina Ballerina: Dancing on Ice 

Marco Quesillo / Viki

2011Thomas & Friends: Merry Christmas, Thomas! (Video) 

The Children (US)

2011Thomas & Friends: Day of the Diesels 

Emily (US) / Mavis (US) / Lady Hatt (US)

2011NOKSU (TV Series) 

Dr. OK / Mrs Hen / Baby Egg

2011Driver: San Francisco (Video Game) 

Additional Voices

2011Angelina Ballerina: Shining Star Trophy Movie 

Marco / Viki

2011Blake: Double Identity (TV Series) 

Tatiana Blake (2011-)

2011Poppy Cat (TV Series)  Show all 14 episodes

 2011Angelina Ballerina: Pop Star Girls (Video) 

Marco Quesillo / Viki

2011Tinga Tinga Tales (TV Series)

Bat (US)

2011Thomas & Friends: The Birthday Express (Video) 

Mavis (US)

2011Angelina Ballerina: Ballet Dreams (Video) 

Marco Fernando Quesillo / Viki (voice)

2011Thomas & Friends: Pop Goes Thomas 

Emily (US) / The Laundry Lady (US)

2011LittleBigPlanet 2 (Video Game) 

Eve Silva Paragorica

2011Thomas & Friends: Wobbly Wheels & Whistles (Video) 

Emily (US)

2010Angelina Ballerina: Love to Dance (Video) 

Marco / Viki

2010Tales of Tatonka (TV Series)  Show all 7 episodes

2010/IIUnearthed (Short) 


2010When I Stand on the Moon (Short) 


2010Dead Nation (Video Game) 

Scarlett Blake

2010Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (Video Game) 


2010Kinect Sports (Video Game) 

Additional Voices (English version, voice)

2010Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue 

Emily (US)

2010Just Cause 2 (Video Game) 

Maria Kane

2009-2010Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps (TV Series) 

Marco Quesillo (US) / Viki (US) / Vici (US)

2010Thomas & Friends: Thomas and the Runaway Kite (Video) 

Emily (US) / Lady Hatt (US) / Bridget Hatt (US)

2010Zorro and Scarlet Whip Revealed! (TV Series)

Maria Martinez / Scarlet Whip

2009Sandra the Fairytale Detective (TV Series)


2009Thomas & Friends: Splish, Splash, Splosh! (TV Movie) 

Emily (US) / Rosie (US) / Alicia Botti (UK & US)

2009Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Rails (Video) 

Emily (US) / Mavis (US) / The Duchess of Boxford (US)

 2009Overlord II (Video Game) 

Mistress Juno / Additional Voices

2009Killzone 2 (Video Game) 

Evelyn Batton

200950 Cent: Blood on the Sand (Video Game)

2008-2009Freefonix (TV Series) 

Mo Show all 15 episodes

2008Dork Hunters from Outer Space (TV Series) 

Guest artist on Bone of Contention 

2008Mirror’s Edge (Video Game) 

Faith (voice)

2007-2008Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies (TV Series) 

Bo the Cheetah Cub / Liona / Yodeling Buffalo  Show all 33 episodes

2007-2008Skunk Fu! (TV Series) 

Skunk / Duck / Crane Show all 26 episodes

2007-2008Chop Socky Chooks (TV Series) Show all 17 episodes

2008So Blonde (Video Game) 


2008Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures (Video Game) (voice)

2008Zorro: Generation Z – The Animated Series (TV Series) 

Maria Martinez / Scarlet Whip (voice)

2008Burnout Paradise (Video Game) 

2007Lola & Virginia (TV Series) 


2007Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 (Video Game) 

Madison / Lee (English version)

2007The Witcher (Video Game) 

Triss Merigold / Old Women (English version)

2007Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds (Video Game) 

Kate / Eva (English version)

2005X3: Reunion (Video Game)

2005Captain Scarlet (TV Series) 

Lieutenant Green / Harmony Angel / Symphony Angel  Show all 25 episodes

2004The Christmas Dinosaur (TV Movie) 

2004Alias (Video Game) 

Additional Voices

2003The Haunted Pumpkin of Sleepy Hollow (Video) 

Kate / Mrs Wentworth

2001Xcalibur (TV Series) 

Tara Show all 13 episodes

1996Bud Tucker in Double Trouble (Video Game) 

Lola the wallpaper stripper